Island years (The)

Musique audio

Cale, John (1942-....)). Chanteur. Musicien

Edité par Island - 1996

Fear is a man's best friend. Buffalo ballet. Barracuda. Emily. Ship of fools. Gun. The Man who couldn't afford to orgy. You know more than I know. Momamma scuba. Sylvia said. All I want is you. Bamboo floor. Mr Wilson. Taking it all away. Dirty ass rock 'n' roll. Darling I need you. Rollaroll. Heartbreak hotel. Ski patrol. I'm not the loving kind. Guts. The Jeweller. My Maria. Helen of Troy. China sea. Engine. Save us. Cable hogue. I keep a close watch. Pablo Picasso. Leaving it up to you. Baby, what you want me to do ?. Sudden death. You & me. Coral moon. Mary Lou.

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Paris 1919

Musique audio | Cale, John (1942-....)). Musicien | 1973

Child's christmas in wales. Hanky panky nohow. The endless plain of fortune. Andalucia. Macbeth. Paris 1919. Graham Greene. Half past France. Antartica starts here.

Artificial intelligence | Cale, John (1942-....)). Musicien. Chanteur

Artificial intelligence

Musique audio | Cale, John (1942-....)). Musicien. Chanteur | 1985

Everytime the dogs bark. Dying on the vine. The sleeper. Vigilante lover. Chinese takeaway (Hong Kong 1997). Song of the valley. Fadeaway tomorrow. Black rose. Satellite walk.

Songs for Drella | Reed, Lou (1942-2013). Chanteur. Musicien

Songs for Drella

Musique audio | Reed, Lou (1942-2013). Chanteur. Musicien | 1990

Smalltown. Open house. Style it takes. Work. Trouble with classicists. Starlight. Faces and names. Images. Slip away (a warning). It wasn't me. I believe. Nobody but you. A dream. Forever changed. Hello it's me.

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Blessings and miracles | Santana, Carlos (1947-....)). Musicien

Blessings and miracles

Musique audio | Santana, Carlos (1947-....)). Musicien | 2021

Ghost of future pull/New light. Santana celebration. Rumbalero. Joy. Move. Whiter shade of pale. Break. She's fire. Peace power. America for sale. Breathing underwater. Mother yes. Song for Cindy. Angel choir/All together. Ghost o...

Free | Pop, Iggy (1947-....). Chanteur


Musique audio | Pop, Iggy (1947-....). Chanteur | 2019

Après avoir sorti la réédition de son célèbre album "Zombie Birdhouse" et incarné un méchant zombie dans le dernier film de Jim Jarmush qui a ouvert le festival de Cannes, l'iguane revient avec un album produit par Leron Thomas.Fr...

Exit wounds | The Wallflowers. Musicien

Exit wounds

Musique audio | The Wallflowers. Musicien | 2021

Le rock'n'roll est souvent difficile à définir, ou même à trouver, en ces temps de fracture musicale. Mais pour paraphraser un vieux dicton, on le reconnaît quand on l'entend. Et on l'entend toujours avec The Wallflowers. Au cours...

Rid of me | Harvey, P.J. (1969-....). Chanteur. Musicien

Rid of me

Musique audio | Harvey, P.J. (1969-....). Chanteur. Musicien | 1993

Rid of me. Missed. Legs. Rub 'till it bleeds. Hook... etc.

Who | The Who. Musicien


Musique audio | The Who. Musicien | 2019

All this music must fade. Ball and chain. I don't wanna get wise. Detour. Beads on one string. Hero ground zero. Street song. I'll be back. Break the news. Rockin' in rage. She rocked my world.

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